[security-announce] Security Update: linux-qoriq kernel CVE-2016-9754

Sona Sarmadi sona.sarmadi at enea.com
Fri Feb 3 11:34:24 CET 2017

	Enea Linux Security Advisory

Product/package: Enea Linux 6.0: (linux-qoriq kernel 3.12)
Severity: High
Architecture: PowerPC
CVE Name: CVE-2016-9754

This security update fixes integer overflow in linux-qoriq kernel 3.12
in Enea Linux 6.0.

The ring_buffer_resize function in kernel/trace/ring_buffer.c in the
profiling subsystem in the Linux kernel before 4.6.1 mishandles certain
integer calculations, which allows local users to gain privileges by
writing to the /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/buffer_size_kb file.


Reference to upstream patch:

Correction for Enea Linux

How to get the latest patches
- If you have already cloned needed repositories, update it to get new
security patches.

cd Enea-Linux-6.0
$ repo sync

- If you have not yet cloned needed repositories, do it as described
below. (Security patches are fetched implicitly when cloning the repos).

Use repo tool to download the source for the Enea Linux 6.0 standard,
follow the steps below:
1. Make sure that the repo tool is installed. If not, follow the
instructions below:

$ curl https://storage.googleapis.com/git-repo-downloads/repo >
~/bin/repo $ chmod a+x ~/bin/repo

The instruction assumes that ~/bin exists and is included in the PATH

2.Use the repo tool to download the source:
$ mkdir Enea-Linux-6.0
$ cd Enea-Linux-6.0
$ repo init \
-u git://git.enea.com/linux/el_manifests-standard.git \ -b krogoth\ -m
<manifest file> $ repo sync

The parameter <manifest file> depends on the target:
P2041RDB: p2041rdb/default.xml
LS1021a-IoT: ls1021aiot/default.xml
QEMUARM: qemuarm/default.xml
QEMUPCC: qemuppc/default.xml
QEMUX86: qemux86/default.xml

If you have any questions regarding the security patches and security
updates please contact security at enea.com.

For gerneral security refer to Enea Linux Security page:

For the CVEs fixed at Enea Linux releases see CVE list:

For custom packages/releases please use the Support Channel:

Enea Security Team
Sona Sarmadi
Mobile: +46 70 971 4475

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